Character Count Online Tool: Count characters, words, convert case, change text size, auto save, clear, undo, redo and many more optional included.

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      Character count panel

      • Characters
      • Words
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      • Paragraphs
      • Whitespace

      Character Count Online is an online tool that lets you easily calculate and count the number of characters, words, sentences and paragraphs in your text. It is very useful while writing blog post meta title and description, to check social media characters limit and print text in any program.

      How to Count Characters Online

      Follow below steps to count characters, words, sentences and paragraphs using our character count tool:

      Step 1: Start typing or paste your content.

      Step 2: Now check character count panel to check stats of your text.

      Step 3: This online Character count display characters, words, sentences, paragraphs and white-space.

      Step 4: Optional- You can also use convert case to change your text to uppercase, lowercase, sentence case and title case.

      Step 5: Optional- Click on auto save button to save it locally or clear your text by clicking on clear button.

      Step 6: Optional- Click on text size button to change your text font size.

      Character Count Panel

      Character count panel will display the statistics like total characters, words, sentences and paragraphs of your entered text.

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      Character Count Extended Features

      Here are the additional features included in Character Count Online Tool:

      #1. Case Converter (T)

      Use Text case converter to change your text to Title case, Sentence case, UPPERCASE and lowercase. it can be used along with character count tool.

      Simply select “T” option then any of following option to use text case converter easily:

      T>Sentence case: Use this option to convert your text to Sentence case.

      T>Title Case: Use this option to convert your text to Title Case.

      T>UPPERCASE: Use this option to convert your text to UPPERCASE.

      T>Lowercase: Use this option to convert your text to lowercase.

      #2. Font Size (tT)

      There are 3 font sizes available to view text in large size. Select “tT” option and click on the appropriate font size of your choice.

      #3. Font Weight (Aa)

      Use Font weight property in character count online tool that allow you to bold you text. it will make your text strong, simply select “Aa” option then select how much bolder text you want.

      #4. Auto save

      Auto save option will automatically save your text in out online character count tool. When you revisit to this tool in any browser, your saved text will be appeared. If you clear your browser history, your entered or saved text won’t display.

      This character counter online tool works locally in your browser, which means no data is uploaded to the server.

      #5. Clear

      Use clear button (eraser icon) to clear your text easily and to start a fresh session.

      #6. Undo (<-)

      Use undo option to revert the text to an older state. It erases the last change done to your text in character count tool. Simply click on back arrow button to use this feature.

      #7. Redo (->)

      Use this redo function in character count tool to restores text that were previously erased using an undo.

      Character Count Limit for Social Media

      Check the character limit for Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Github.

      Character Limit Google

      TagCharacter Limit
      Title50-60 characters (600 pixels)
      Meta Description155–160 characters

      Character Limit Twitter

      TwitterCharacter Limit
      Twitter Tweet280 characters
      Twitter profile name20 characters
      Twitter DMs10,000 characters

      Character Limit Facebook

      FacebookCharacter Limit
      Facebook status63,206 characters
      Facebook username50 characters
      Facebook page description155 characters
      Facebook comments8,000 characters

      Character Limit Instagram

      InstagramCharacter Limit
      Instagram caption2,200 characters
      Instagram bio150 characters
      Instagram username30 characters
      Instagram Hashtags30 hashtags

      Character Limit LinkedIn

      LinkedInCharacter Limit
      LinkedIn summary2,000 characters
      LinkedIn Company update700 characters
      LinkedIn Company name100 characters
      LinkedIn Recommendation3,000 characters

      Character Limit YouTube

      YouTubeCharacter Limit
      YouTube video title70 characters
      YouTube description5,000 characters
      YouTube playlist title60 characters

      Character Limit Pinterest

      PinterestCharacter Limit
      Pinterest description500 characters
      Pinterest profile name20 characters

      Character Limit Github

      GithubCharacter Limit
      Github Repository name100 characters
      Github Username39 characters
      Github Commit Message50/72 rule: 50 character + blank line + 72 characters = 122 character
      Git File name4096 characters

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      Last Updated on June 12, 2024