HTML formatter: Use this HTML formatter online tool to beautify HTML. Enter your minified or obfuscated HTML in the code editor, then click on format HTML button to make it pretty, clean and readable.



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What is HTML formatter?

HTML Formatter is an online tool that can be used to format or beautify HTML. It has several useful options such as wrap or do not wrap and remove or allow extra lines.

How to use HTML formatter online?

To use HTML Formatter online, paste your tidy HTML code inside the input box, then select indent, allow/remove extra lines and click on format HTML button. Copy the HTML formatted code by clicking on copy button.

is HTML formatter privacy friendly?

Yes, our HTML formatter online tool is privacy friendly and formatting HTML is done locally in your browser. No data will be stored in our server.

Online tools to format JSON, JS, CSS, HTML and SQL

  1. HTML formatter – Online HTML formatter beautifies ugly/tidy HTML code by making it readable and pretty, with proper indentation level.
  2. JSON Formatter– Online JSON formatter helps to quickly format JSON. It also be used as JSON formatter and validator.
  3. JavaScript Formatter – Online JS formatter helps to format or beautify JavaScript.
  4. CSS Formatter – Use this CSS formatter online tool to format/beautify CSS code.
  5. SQL formatter – SQL formatter beautifies tidy SQL with your desired indentation level.

Last Updated on July 7, 2024