HTML code to Plain Text: HTML to text converter online tool will strip HTML tags then display clean plain text that you can copy and paste in a word document or WordPress editor or anywhere else. This tool strip out all HTML tags from a markdown text. Use clean text (enabled by default) option to remove empty lines and white spaces.

HTML to Text Converter Online Tool

How to Convert HTML to Text Online

Follow these steps to easily convert HTML to Text online with our tool:

  1. Paste your HTML code or upload HTML document.
  2. Click on Convert button to convert HTML to text.
  3. Then it will strip all HTML tags and display plain text.
  4. Now, copy this converted clean text and paste it to word document or anywhere.
  5. Optional: Go to File >Save as options to save it as text file or word document.

Note: Click on clear button to remove HTML code and converted text.

Features of HTML to Text Converter Online Tool

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