Notepad Online: This online notepad is a simple browser based text editor that has unique features such as Auto save, word count, spell check/grammar checker, find and replace online, and print options. Simply take your notes online and use features that you like in editor.

Notepad Online

Online Notepad is a simple text editor that allows you to create and save online notes without login or signup. Simply start writing, save your notes on your local device and even play with several options in text editor.

This simple Online notepad works locally in your browser, no data is uploaded to the server. Your notes will be auto save automatically, so you can easily return to your text notes anytime, even if you have closed your web browser. However, if you clear browser cache/history, it’s not possible to get your notes anymore. Save your Notes online without login or signup using our simple notepad online tool.

How to Use Notepad Online

Features of Online Notepad

New: Create notes by selecting new document or simply start writing notes.

Open: Upload your notes or text document from device.

Save: Use this option to save your notes online and device. Simply click on save button, then enter file name to save it.

Print: Even you can take a print of text by clicking on print icon.

Undo and Redo: Use undo and redo options to step forward and step forward of text respectively.

Find and Replace: Find specific word and replace it with new word in entire text document by using find and replace option. Even you can use our dedicated find and replace online tool to replace text, strings and any specific characters.

Word counter: This notepad also displays number of words at the bottom. Simply use our custom word counter tool to count words, characters, Characters without spaces, Sentences, Paragraphs and total lines of your text.

Insert: The other handy option in this tool is inserting date, time, special characters and non breaking spaces within your notes. Select this option under insert menu item in editor.

Font size and font family: Use these options to set font size and font family for your text. Select font size (8 pt to 36 pt) under font sizes drop down menu and set font family (variety of font families available) under font family drop down menu.

Spell check: It uses native spell checker to find spelling mistakes, simply right click on red underline word and choose the correct spelling for that word.

Auto Save: For every change you make while writing text, it will auto save the data locally within your browser. Never worry about lose of your notes.

Online Notepad FAQ

How to save notes in Notepad?

It has auto save feature, every time you make changes, it will automatically store the text within browser. So never worry lose of data unless if you clear browser cache.

How to Spell check in Notepad?

Fix tricky spelling errors or misspelled words in your text with this notepad. Simply right click on red underline and choose correct spelling by taking native spell checker.

How to use Word Count in Notepad?

Check the number of words there in your text with real time word counter. This online notepad displays the total number of words present in your text at bottom of text editor.

How to Find and Replace in Notepad?

Find and replace option in text editor of notepad allows you to quickly search for a word and replace it with something else within your text.

How to take print of text in Notepad?

Simply click on print icon for printing your document or even select save it as PDF file.

Uses of Online Notepad

The most common uses of our free Notepad online are:

Last Updated on June 12, 2024