Scatter Plot Maker

Easily create a scatter plot online with our free scatter plot maker.

The data should be separated by Enter or , (comma).
The tool ignores empty cells or non-numeric cells.

How to Use Scatter Plot Maker

Steps to create a scatter graph with our scatter plot maker:

  1. Go to scatter plot maker>choose chart type as scatter plot.
  2. Enter your data and it should separated by comma or each item in a new line.
  3. Customize your scatter plot by adding a title, colors, labels, 3D option, and more.
  4. Use insert columns option to add more data.
  5. Click on create button to make a scatter plot graph instantly.
  6. Download your scatter plot as a PNG, SVG, or print it.

Scatter Plot Maker

Easily create beautiful scatter plots online with our free scatter plot maker. Customize your line graph by adding a title, custom colors, labels, and more. Enter comma separated data or each value in a new line then simply click on create button to get your custom scatter plot graph instantly.

Last Updated on June 12, 2024