Words to Minutes Calculator or speech time calculator: Paste text or enter the word count below to estimate how many minutes it will take you to read or How long to give a speech.

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Words to Minutes Converter

Are you giving a speech, or reading something aloud? Do you need to know how long it will take to speak a certain number of words? Are you dictating a paper, an article, or a book and want to know how many minutes it will take to meet a desired word count? Use the above calculator to convert words to minutes based on a slow, average and fast paces reading speed.

How to Convert Words to Minutes

  1. Enter Number of words or paste text from your document.
  2. Select speaking time speed from slow, average and fast options.
  3. It displays speech time in minutes based on speed of reading time.
  4. It also displays how long does it take to read number of words in tabular format.

That’s it.