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LinkedIn Text Formatter

Formatting LinkedIn Post? Our LinkedIn Text Formatter allows you to format LinkedIn post’s text with stylish Bold, Italic, Underline, strikethrough, bold italic, circled, squared, gothic text styles and more.

How to Format LinkedIn Text Online?

  1. Copy paste your text to fomrat LinkedIn text online.
  2. It formats your text to bold, italic, underline and many more.
  3. Click on copy button to copy the formatted text.

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LinkedIn Text Formatter Features

To edit existing or create a new post in LinkedIn, use our LinkedIn text formatter to format text online, convert text to italic, bold, strikethrough, add emojis, custom characters and many more. Express your ideas in LinkedIn post by formatting text in different styles and adding relavent emojis in easy way with our LinkedIn formatter.

Your text will be converted to the following text formats that can be used in LinkedIn post.

Last Updated on July 7, 2024