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Text Formatting online

Online text formatting made easy with text formatter. Following are the easy steps to format text online:

How to Format Text Online?

  1. Copy paste your text to fomrat text online.
  2. Change text to bold, italic fonts and underline.
  3. Format text to lowercase, uppercase, capitalize sentences and words.
  4. Use find and replace option to easily replace text online.
  5. Add prefix and suffix to the start and end of each line.
  6. Trim characters, check number of words and characters in your text.
  7. Click on copy button to copy the output.

Also use Text cleaner to clear text formatting online.

Text Formatter Features

Use our text formatter to beautify and format text online, convert text to italic and bold fonts, replace text, change text case, add prefixes, suffixes, numbers, text, emojis, custom characters and many more.

Options in Text Formatter

Text case converter

Use this case converter option to change your text to following cases:

Change text fonts

Do you want to use italic and bold text fonts on Facebook, Instagram or any social media accounts? then this text formatter will play handy role to convert your text to italic, bold and underline. Simply enter your text and click on any of the following options to get desired output:

Find and Replace

Use find and replace option to easily search for a letter, number, word, or phrase in your text document and substitute it with something else. It can be very useful when it comes to editing a huge chunk of text.

Text formatter will automatically find all exact matche and replace that in a single click. To find and replace text online use the following options:

Count of Words and Characters

Text formatter will display number of words and characters in both input and output text fields. It can also be used as word counter and character couner tool. Even it counts unicode characters and emojis in entered text.

Word Counter

Character Counter

Add prefixes and suffixes

Add word, number, text, emoji or unicode character to the start/end of each line. Simply add any specific text or emoji then select start or end options then click on the add button.


Use trim option to remove any number of characters at start and end of each line.

Copy and Reset

Use copy and reset buttons in the following cases:

Text Formatter FAQ

How to format text online with text formatter?

Use input text filed to copy paste your text and then format text, convert text case, change text font style to bold, italic and underline. Even add prefix and suffix to each line, and count number of words and characters in text.

Does text formatter supports special characters?

Our text formatter online tool supports all special characters including emojis and unicode characters and many more.

How to count words and characters with text formatter?

Simply copy paste your text in input field to know the number of words and characters.

Is text formatter privacy friendly?

Yes, our text formatter tool is privacy friendly and online text formatting is done locally in your browser. No data will be stored in our server.

Last Updated on June 12, 2024