Convert from column data to delimited comma separated list and back using this delimiter online tool. Enter your excel data in “column data” field, then select delimiter character and convert it to delimited list by clicking on right arrow button. You can also convert delimited list back to column data by clicking on left arrow button.

Delimiter online tool very useful for separating non-delimited data to delimited list and back when working on SQL Queries, Excel and programming. It makes your job easier in single a single click.

How to Convert Column Data to Comma Separated List

  1. Enter your non-delimited column data on the left.
  2. Select delimiter character.
  3. Click on right arrow button.
  4. Now, get delimited data on right side.

Note: Under converter settings, you can also specify your very own “delimited character”.

Use this Delimiter Online Tool to get Separated List values using comma ( , ), semicolon ( ; ), Pipe ( | ), Spaces and a new line. You can also specify your own custom delimiter character by entering it under converter settings. It has many features including custom delimited character , Tags to wrap your records, Add a new line after specific amount of interval, wrap intervals wrap, Remove the duplicates and new lines from the result list etc;

Delimiter Online – Comma Separator tool

Column Data Here...


Delimited Data Here...


Remove the new lines from output?

Remove the duplicates from the result set

Explode your records using this

Add quotes to each record

Character used between records

Use Tags to wrap your records. EX : <strong>

Add a new line after x amount

Wrap your intervals with tags

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Last Updated on June 12, 2024