Twitter Character Counter

Characters Type : 0 /280
Characters Remaining : 280
  1. DM :
    0 /10,000
  2. Bio :
    0 /160
  3. Username :
    0 /15
  4. Profile Name :
    0 /50

X (formerly Twitter) Premium users can post 4,000 characters per tweet. All others are still limited to 280 characters limit per tweet. Each special character and emoji count as 2 characters. Use this Twitter character counter to find out Twitter character limit for tweet (premium and free account), bio, DM, username, hashtags, and profile name.

How to Use Twitter Character Counter?

Steps to use Twitter Character counter to count character limit:

  1. Enter your text into the online Twitter Character counter tool.
  2. It will display the Twitter character limit for tweet, bio, DM, username, and profile name in real time.
  3. Click on Copy button to copy your text to clipboard.
  4. Click the Clear text button to erase the input content.

That’s it!

Twitter Character Limit 2024

What is the Twitter Character Limit in 2024? Below find out character limits for Twitter’s tweet, bio, DM, username, and profile name.

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Last Updated on May 21, 2024